Happy birthday to my daughter, wasn’t sure we would make it this far

This is a two year old post, yep, she’s three!


The picture to the left is my daughter. She was born six and half weeks early a year ago. She weight 3lbs. 10 oz when she was born. That is not the beginning of her story only midway through.

In January 2009 we found out we were pregnant. Both me and my wife were excited to bring another child into the world, and more importantly a sibling for our son. We went to the doctor’s office after my wife took a few oftc pregnancy tests. When we went back to the room and they began the ultrasound, our worst fears were realized. We believed (because the doctor told us so) that a miscarriage had occurred. This was our last chance at having another child. A previous miscarriage before our son’s birth had destroyed us. The doctor gave my wife a choice, she could either have a DNC or let her body take care of the fetus itself, she chose the latter.

We went about our lives, deciding not to try again because a miscarriage is one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. All of your hopes for the future rest on one little child, having that taken away can destroy marriages.

In May 2009 my wife who never has a regular menstrual cycle. At that time she had gone a year and a half without one. And we had used a lot of pregnancy tests. She took three or four tests, all of them positive that May. She went to the doctor, I had to work so I did not go with her. When she texted me after the appointment she said she was seventeen weeks pregnant. The doctor had apologized to her and said they screwed up. We had missed a few of the things I looked forward to with my son, the first time you feel the baby kick, the sound of the heartbeat, those are important moments for me as a dad.

The baby we thought we had lost in January was the same one she was pregnant with in May. If my wife would have done the DNC our daughter would not be alive today.

We learned that my wife has a protein deficiency that makes it so her blood clots abnormally, this only happens when she is pregnant. We discovered that after the very first miscarriage. When she was pregnant with our son she had to do shots daily, and twice daily the last couple months leading up to his birth.

With our daughter they did not have her do the shots, I wished they would have. My daughter spent the first month of her life in the hospital. I know that it was for the best. She lived in an incubator and was handled by people who knew what they were doing. It still does not take away the fact a doctor’s office messed up and nearly cost us a wonderfully amazing little girl.

Today our daughter is cheerful, smiling, loves to laugh at her big brother. Just recently she received her first two teeth. I thank my wife often for giving me the gift of my daughter. If it were not for the decision she made I would not have her today.

My little girl is the best gift my wife has ever given me. Happy 2nd birthday Izabelle.


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2 Responses to Happy birthday to my daughter, wasn’t sure we would make it this far

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  2. paulastewart55 says:

    Brian, this is as beautiful today as it was a year ago.. Beautiful story of a daddy’s love for his daughter.

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