Not afraid of being who I am in my writing or in my life. Being honest with myself again!

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Learned a few things about my writing and my blog this week. Honesty is always best. As much as some people love me, they want honesty and something from the heart. My post on Sunday and on Wednesday were honest and from the heart and everyone read and enjoyed them.

This week started with my 11th wedding anniversary, the middle of the week was filled with my daughter’s birthday the end is stressful. Working on a new book. This is something with no vampires or any supernatural creatures. It feels more honest and real than the other one, that is what my wife said when she read the first few pages. She does that when I am starting something new. I trust her like no one else and she seems to know what works with my writing and what does not. This new story is taking me somewhere that I have not been in a long time. I can feel the characters like I have never felt anything I have ever written. Near the end of the last book is when this began. With certain parts of the book I began to feel them. I began to understand who they were and why they were. I know this is not something some of you want to hear. I honestly don’t know why it took so long to find this. I feel for the first time as though I have found the voice I knew had inside me. It was only dormant waiting for another story to bring it out.

I truly enjoy everyone reading my blog. It is something that I take pride in. Much the way I do with my kids. My writing is an extension of who I am. It keeps the demons of my childhood away. It helps me breath every morning and sleep every night. Without it I am a shell, a husk worn and tired waiting for the end of my life. I truly happiest when writing. It is the only time I feel I can be myself. Sure, I seem like I am being someone at work or with my siblings, not true. We all have our masks, mine comes off in my writing. It is the only place I feel comfortable. After I am done with my books, and I am published I want everyone that has supported me to do the same for my wife. She does not have the confidence I do. She is a wonderful artist, better than she thinks she is. I have told her after I am done with my writing, after I have published it is her turn to get her art out there for everyone to see.

We are only on this Earth for a couple of reasons. To make life better for those we love and know. And to make life better for those we do not know or love. I am aiming to make life better for everyone I come into contact with. I try to be upbeat about everything. There are times I cannot, you will be able to tell the difference. I am learning as I go.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to learn in life. I am here to learn all I can and take it with me on the next step.


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One Response to Not afraid of being who I am in my writing or in my life. Being honest with myself again!

  1. paula stewart says:

    Brian, I enjoyed reading this. As I do almost everything you write.. You know how I am about the really dark places. But I know that is you, I believe finding your way, and has been since you began… And yes I am on the very same page with Nita, I know she can do many things with her talent. I look forward to that day..

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