Writing like me.

When I first began and my cousin began helping me with my writing I tried to do things the way she does them. The way she prepares the story, drafts and what she listens to when she writes. That is what works for her, since she is already published I thought I would emulate her and what she does. Along the way I discovered that it does not work very well trying to write like someone else. I love the books that say “Write Like Hemingway”. You can either write like Hemingway or you can’t. I feel you should write like yourself. You will learn along the way.

I began learning to write like me towards the end of my last novel. Those that are reading it, my cousin being one of them, will notice the difference in the voice. I did not plan it that way it just seemed to happen. I love my cousin and all the help she has given me, she is a wonderful writer and very gifted. Her books are doing very well. I do not feel it is my place to say her name as I am trying to do as much of this by myself.

I began chasing this dream of being an author a long time ago. It was only after seeing her get published that I decided if a relative of mine could do it then why can’t I. The last year I wrote a book and began another one. This new one is very different than the last. I cannot say enough how different it is.

I discovered my voice while listening to my favorite band, Nine Inch Nails, what I discovered is I write better, faster and with more detail when I am listening to music with vocals and that is very loud. Those that know me will understand this, the rest of you will have to trust that loud music and dark lyrics is exactly the right thing for me to listen to. The video is one of my favorite Nails songs, and one of the reasons I am trying so hard to get published. We never know if this is the end.

To my cousin Michelle, you are one of my greatest supporters. Your books are amazing and your characters are an inspiration to all the readers who weekly post on your blog. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

To the next step,


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