The dark recesses of my mind

It seems that dark things have always fallen in my lap. I am not sure why, they just do. Whether it is vampires, cyberpunk, goth, fantasy or science fiction. It is something that I have loved from a very young age. Every story I have written has elements of darkness to it. I have dabbled in a lot of different types of things through my short life. From trying to find my way through a vast religious landscape I never understood to finding my way as a writer. I have stretched my journey of finding who I am into my adult life, I am now 34.

Things always seemed right to me in the darker parts of my mind. I go there to find new story ideas, to hide when I feel the world is pushing in on me. Writing has always been my way of pushing against things. Whether it is from childhood angst over a lost girlfriend. Or the loss of a loved one. Writing has always been the place, my crypt to hide away from the light that always seems to find me and sometimes, not often, stops me in my tracks.

I am writing something always, whether it is a short story or my current novel. A pen is my way through the dark recesses of my mind. I have written many poems, stories, only recently finishing my first novel. A gathered flood of information resides in the darker parts of my brain, it waits daily for me to release it. Today is only another day of letting the dark out.


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