Learning the writing ropes..

I have been a writer for most of my life. It only took my cousin, my wife and a couple of friends to make me realize it. I am new to finishing writing novels, I am not new to starting them. I have begun and started at least seven novels, the most recent a fantasy novel. This past August I finished my first novel, a 80,000 word novel that is in the hands of my two beta-readers. I know I should have more, I am too insecure (yes, I said it) to let anyone else read it. I am very proud of it. It is not perfect, that is why I have handed it over to two people I trust (and that know grammar better than I).

I have begun writing the novel I started. It is not dark, it is something that has rattled around in my brain for a long time. It is the one story that when finish it I will be most proud of. The first novel is something I am proud of, however this new one is different. I am proud of it for other reasons. It lets me be myself and lets me get things off my chest that have sat there, nearly collapsing my breastbone in the process. the weight of the world is on my shoulders, I don’t care now. I am having fun writing like I did in high school. I am writing for myself. I wrote the last book (about vampire) for others. My reasons for writing the last one are many.

First –  There are no good dark vampire stories. Laurell K. Hamilton’s books are wonderful, I am not knocking her talent or her work. I miss the books like Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles. Where the darkness is there, hidden, but there.

Second – To silence one particular critic who said I could not finish a book. Thanks B.

Third – For everyone that knows me in RL (Real Life). Those that know me know my fascination with vampires. My inner circle. There are only a few friends that really know me. I can count them on one hand. These do not include my wife and mom. These people have been extremely supportive of me, and when the time comes, I will pay them back.

Fourth – For those of us who do not like the current trend in vampire novels. I love what Stephenie Meyer has done for Young Adult literature (Y/A). Any writer would love to have her payday. She is the second highest paid writer.

This new book is taking me back to high school and life the way it was then. It is taking me back to people and places that changed me as a person and as a human. This new story, has my heart in it more than the last.

Though I am nearly twenty years past high school it still teaches me about who I was then and who I am now. I began my writing career in a small little school in Green River, Wyoming, I know there is still more to my story.

I am back to my loud music listening, angry self. This new story has pulled me and will not let me go. Listen to some angry music and feel better. It helps me learn to write better.


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