Getting better with this writing a book stuff

My wife picked the song for this post. This was the best copy of the acoustic version, ignore the subtitles!

After finishing one novel and beginning on a second, I can see the differences already with how I wrote the first book and how the second is coming along so far. I am learning what voice ( as it is used in the context of a story) is used. I am truly getting better at showing and not telling. I am almost to the point of going back to the first book and reading, even though I know I will want to tear my hair out at all the mistakes I will see. Writing the new book has been therapy for me, more so than the last. I was able to get my demons out in the last book as vampires. This one is a bit different.

The last book I felt and loved a few of the characters, this one has more parts of me in it. I am sure that is the progression of a writer; getting better at adding parts of yourself to the books. I see the differences in the way PoV is used in books I am reading, more than I thought I would after finishing the last book. I have read many books that say a writer will see things differently when they finish their first book. That is totally the truth. I think next week will be the week I pick up the first book and begin reading. If I don’t read it, and I leave it to my beta-readers, what good will that do.

I write to exorcise my demons, it is the only thing that I know how to do well. If I don’t exorcise them I feel they will consume me. To be consumed by ones demons is the same as giving up on life. I refuse to give up on life. I did that once, and it nearly cost me my life. Breaking through to the other side of mind one brick at a time.


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