Finished the read through for my first book, and what I have learned from it

Upon finishing a novel the writer should wait a few weeks before doing the read through, so the story is no longer fresh and they (the writer) can look at it objectively. This did not happen with me for two months. After writing and re-writing the book, I had to take more time away from the story than I thought I would. I hated not reading it, but having it fresh in my mind would have been a bad idea when I read it. I have done a few things in the last couple days, other than beginning my read through. I stopped writing a book that I had worked on until I am done with the read through. I changed the title of my blog to show the changing direction of the blog. I feel I am no longer the Struggling Writer. I have gone beyond that. I am confident that I will be published, it not with the first book, certainly with another.

This is one of the most amazing videos, I had to add it to a post. It is beautiful, stunning and amazing.

Other things that have happened lately include my wife starting her own blog, for her artwork – here. My daughter who I talked about in a previous post, took her first couple of steps. I have had a changing view about my writing, I understand it more, I know why I write the stories I write. Letting myself run free is a different change from the way I have been in the past. I was secluded, keeping away from things that may cause me harm, never taking a chance on anything. I know now that the times I could have taken a chance, and didn’t, were for a reason. I am married to that reason.

She has been through a lot with me, if you want to know how much read the post for our anniversary – here. The things I have learned in the past few days about my book, my writing, and myself are more numerous than this post can hold. I am halfway through with my read through and I am impressed with my writing. I know after reading that I was meant for this. Sure there are things that need to be changed, my Beta readers are helping me with those things. They are dissecting the drafts they have. I am not expecting them until later this year, so to them, take your time, I am not in a rush. I know you both are busy, and that one of you has your own book tour to deal with. Again I thank you both for helping me make my goal.


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