Craving the dark

With every passing day I think about Halloween, and everything that comes with it. Sure it is a week away, but there are things about Halloween that I truly love. The darkness the people seem to think about when it comes to Halloween is one of my favorites. Seeing as I am unpublished and I love the dark, although I have tried to get away from the darkness it keeps coming back.

For example –

The red liquid runs across the table, they place their goblets at the corners, waiting to gather the true life nectar. I see the man hanging from the chandelier, I see him, but do I even care. His face  obscured by the lights. I can barely make out the large gash across his neck. His blood  running down the chandelier pouring on the table. The faces of those around me, with their razor teeth and black eyes.  Covered in blood, they dance about like little sprites in a spring of dripping blood. It is then I notice I am drinking from this fountain, my face contorts as I slurp every drop into my mouth, it runs down the sides of my face, drops of it covering my face. The feeling does not subside, I drink from the fountain of forever life, craving my next drink.


Things like that always come to me this time of year, sure it is not perfect prose. But it gets the point across. I love my darkness, I am learning to breathe it in, take every little drop of blackness in my soul and turn it into something else. The darkness comes for me, I crave it like a vampire craves blood, the way a starving man would kill for one taste of anything, that is my darkness. It carries me under, dragging me kicking and screaming. I return to the dark I love so much for one reason, I crave it.


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