Giving in to the critics and the voice in your head.

No matter how small things may be or how good things seem, something always happens to disturb things. I have recently posted a few things on some critiques sites. I know how hard it is to take criticism. I took it all my life from one of my parents. I know my work is not perfect, there are flaws in every first draft, which mine is. There are things I do have a problem with, purple prose being one of them. I overuse certain terms, or I over explain a scene. Instead of throwing things straight to the reader I have tendency to go around the subject to add more words to the book. I think this is a problem of having MS Office. I am going to disable word count and see how things go.

My problem is that I never really studied my grammar, sentence structure, punctuations and how a sentence, paragraph or page should flow. I thought I would learn it as I went. I am taking the first step to stopping the bad grammar and purple prose. Reading Strunk and White is a difficult thing to do. It is very hard to understand with the way it is written. I am not sure if it is only me that feels this way or if everyone feels this way about that book.

I am not giving in to the critics in my head and I am not giving in to the other critics. This is what I want and no matter how hard it is to learn things again. I will do it. There are things in life, though they may be hard, we are better people for doing them. Never give in to any critic, no matter who it is.


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