Critiques and fixing what is broken

My last round of critiques went well. I posted on one of the critique sites I normally use. They are hard on the writer, but if things need fixing they are right there too help. I learned something I already knew, my prose is not amazing. I did get one comment that made my day. One of them compared me to Brett Easton Ellis, who is a writer that I love. If you have read Ellis you know he has a frenetic writing style.

I am at the point in my writing where I need to fix my writing, not the story, the prose itself. Fix things that are improper writing. I never notice these things until they are pointed out to me. Now I am going to teach myself to fix them without so much outside help.

The process of fixing things is not going to be easy. I thought, as probably every want to be writer does that once I finish my draft, send it off to an agent, a publisher after that everything will be fine. In truth this is harder than I thought it was going to be. I am not the best with grammar, sentence structure, punctuation or most anything Strunk and White say are needed. I truly love writing, and I know after all is said and done I will be one of the lucky few who sees publication.

I have begun re-reading Elements of Style, and Spunk and Bite. I was told by another writer these two go good together and so far they were right.



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