Newfound joy

Listen to the song as you read, it will help!

While revising and editing I came upon a new book that has brought me much joy. As I have said in my last post I am trying to write better, either through books or through the critique process. Knowing when things are bad is the first step. Finding my voice has always been the hardest thing in my writing. I have searched in my soul with the writing lately, discovering new things and new ways to bring the words I want to say on the page. Sometimes I feel like I am beating a dead horse, other times I feel total abandonment. My writing has come a long way since high school. The poems I used to write are nothing compared to the prose the comes out now.

I feel my journey, like my life has only just begun. I know that things are harder than I thought they would be. I have learned from my mistakes, and I have found the way my writing feels the best. Knowing the difference between when I should stop and look at a sentence, paragraph or page has changed my viewpoint on the process of writing. When I begin a new story I will write a page or two, then I will stop and figure out what it is about the characters that I like. Whether it is  the way they sound in my head or the way they feel to me. It is always a learning experience. Knowing when to stop, that is the hard part. Knowing the difference between good and bad prose, that is where things get ruddy.

Having a hard time with finding the voice for a certain character I will sit down, with a pen, and write who I think the character is. What they believe in, if they believe in god. Things like that will always make me wonder about whether I am doing right by myself and the story I intend to tell. Knowing the characters is the most important thing. Knowing who they are is important to me. I feel without that I am only doing things half-assed. Without knowing who a character really is, you don’t know anything.


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