My son’s thoughts on my being published

My son’s favorite band is Linkin Park. This little story is for him.

On Sunday the 14th I had to stay home from work because of a migraine. My son asked me why I was home, I told him daddy has another headache. He said I’m sorry daddy. He then asked me when I could stay home every Sunday. I told him when I finish the book and it is picked up by an agent and publisher. He told me okay. So I forget about the conversation and think it is my six-year old being a six-year old. Two years ago I took a different shift so I could be home every night, I gave up having Saturday’s and Sunday’s off with my family to do this. I miss my day’s off, especially now that I have another child in the house.

Well I go through my day on the following Monday, running errands while my wife is in the office, still not thinking about the earlier discussion with my son. I get my errands done get some lunch for my daughter and me and put her down for a nap so I can write and read a bit. I am nearly finished with the book I am reading, “Guardian of the Gate” by Michelle Zink, and wanted to finish before I had to pick my son up from school.  My daughter wakes up just in time to go get my son from school. I pull into line to wait for him, along with the other parents.

When it is my turn to pick up my child a person calls his name through a bullhorn, and I pull in to place and wait for him. He gets in the car and the first thing out of his mouth, “Daddy did you get your book copied so you could be home every Sunday?” I tell him no that it will take more time for it to be done. He tells me okay and that he is looking forward to my having Sunday’s off again. When your son tells you he wants you to be published for the sole reason that you can spend more time with him, that is all I need now.


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