Finding the voice and grasping it with both hands, never to let go.

I once thought I was a writer who could write anything. That has changed, I have found the style and the voice that suits me. I know what I enjoy writing and what feels like work, not easy work, stressful, can’t find the friggin words kind of work. While writing the Y/A book that I love I began looking at ways I could through creatures into the story, mythical, wild creatures. The problem was, it is not that kind of Y/A book.

Knowing that I want to throw weird things in the stories has caused a change in what I choose to write and why.  I feel that I am a fantasy/horror/supernatural type of writer. With every story I want to do devious things to my characters, things that are not bound to mortals. Things that are not allowed on Earth. I discovered that I love creating things out of thin air, or taking things from myths that I love.  I know I am early on in my writing career, having not been published makes a difference. But, tomorrow is another day, next year is another year, and I know that someday I will be published, not because I want it so bad, but because it feels like what I am meant to do.


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