2010, a personal retrospective

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” T.S. Elliot

The new year is upon us and with it new challenges ahead and new dreams to come true. When I posted this same thing last year I had no idea what would be in store for me or my family. I did not know I would be disowned by a parent, nor did I know how biting his words would be. With everything bad in the last year, my dad disowning me, the return of my migraines. The latter of the two seemed to hurt more, maybe it is because of what happened last time I began a cycle of migraines. The last time I missed so much work it caused me and my wife to lose out house. The financial burden of those headaches is something that a lot of people do not know about. Missing work two or three times a week can cause problems, big problems financially.

The year was not without its high points, my son graduated from Kindergarten, my daughter had her first birthday. I was not sure my little girl would make it this far. She spent the first month in a N.I.C.U. She is a fighter, now she is walking and trying to talk. She was very small when she was born only 3 lbs. 10 oz. Today she is smaller  than other kids her age but she has the energy to make up for her size.

I finally finished my first book in the last, an achievement that a year ago I hoped for but did not think I would carry out. This last thing is something I am very proud of and I am looking forward to finishing the rewrites and revisions and shopping it at agents in the next year. I am ways off of my goal of publication, but I know I am closer than I was a year ago. Thank you to all my friends and family for their support in my writing, you have made all the long nights worth it. I hope you enjoy the new year as much as I plan to.


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