Trying to understand my writing style

With things changing for the better at my day job this week and my writing taking off. I thought what better way to look at things than how my writing style has changed since I began. I am no longer confused about what to write. When a story starts taking me away from a current project then that is where I go. Sometimes great writing is done when you step away from a story and begin another. I have found that my writing is different from what I wrote last year. I still love to write about things in the dark, now they have more substance to them and I can understand them better. I am writing things that have taken me by surprise, I never thought I would write in the genre the current story is placed in. It never really interested me, once I began writing it and the story started coming out that changed.

Might have to turn this up a bit. Love the Dresden Dolls!

Here is some of my writing, and some more here.  I read some of it and I don’t remember writing it. I was in the writing zone. I love that place I love to go there often. The words flow like ripples of gold from my head onto the page, or ribbons of black smoke, that is more like me than gold. Some things change and then again something don’t.


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