Still struggling

I will continue my climb never waiting always moving one leg at a time. – B.B. Baker

The writing is still there, the feeling of getting it done has changed. Maybe I have been writing so steadily for the last few months but I think a break is what I need. That is why the blog title has changed, or reverted to its former self. The struggle to get words I like is going good with one part of the current WiP, the other story arc is monotonous and tedious and I have considered getting rid of it altogether.  I am hoping to stop this part in its tracks before I get to bored of it. I love the MC and the story itself, now I may write that story arc and leave the other for another book.  The story is one that came to me in the middle of the night, yes it does happen. I have a journal close to my bed for such things. Every story has its starting and stopping points. The MC is wonderful, he is character I have dealt with in other ways, only bringing him to the page recently.

This new story has been with me for a year and yet it still feels fresh. Maybe I am reading too far into the story. I have the outline done for it, character bios, these are something I never do for any story, maybe I have changed as a writer, or maybe the writing has changed who I am. I like to think it is the latter.

Another day is coming, the sun will rise atop the snow-capped mountains, I will breath in the cold air, let it fill my lungs and force it out in a gust of hot air. I will kick the ice and snow from my boots, wander it to the camp and say I am here!


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