Why I won’t talk about my writing!

When writing I feel the best thing to do is go with it. When a story begins I usually write for a good hour. After that hour is over I look at what I have written and decide if it is worth pursuing or not. I am sure I am no different from any other writer in that respect. Talking to other writers is fun, but it is distracting. Distracting in the way that telling someone about a story can take you away from the story and make you bored.

Love this song!

I gave up on telling anyone about what I was writing, they sometimes look at you and nod their heads. Other times they say “that sounds wonderful.” Not something I want to hear, I would like someone to punch holes in a story before I devote months to it. Giving in to the different things that happen to a writer can change the way a person thinks. It can make you think your work is not very good when it only need polish. My last novel needs polish, I know this and understand that it is not perfect. The same way I understand that there are things in the current WiP that have issues. The current story is fantasy, other than that I refuse to give details. The only person who has read any of it is my wife, who really enjoys it and will be honest when something is wrong. Her day job is a program designer for a large bank, she has to have her spelling, grammar and sentence issues in order.  I let others fix my stuff when it is broken, if I didn’t I would not be sitting in this place.

The fact that I am still writing after finishing one “true” rough draft shows that I want to keep going with writing and being published. I love the process of discovery. Learning new things about the craft, the characters and everything else in the story is what drives me to create the stories. It is also why I do not talk about the stories anymore. If I told everyone what the current story is about, what would be the point of writing it down.



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