Because it matters

Unknown Author
Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.

Parenting in any form is a struggle, whether you have kids, dog or a goldfish. You care about that one thing like nothing else. Those of us who are parents know what I am talking about. Being a parent also means you must have limits on what you say and what you do to reprimand your kid. I know I have flown off the handle, as every parent has at one time or another. But when you do, you must make it up to the kid. Apologies can only go so far. I still remember my father berating me as a child for breaking something that was special to him, I was 5, I am now 34.

Taking your kid to do something they care about, or buying something small, but it must be something they care about. I am a writer, not a published writer (not yet) and because I am a writer I read a lot about different subjects. Things that may not piqué the interest of the normal public. I have learned about the mind of the psychopath (The Emptied Soul- by Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig), different thoughts on the end of the world from multiple religious viewpoints. I have also read about the supernatural in all its grandeur.

Reading these things has made me more aware of different things when it comes to my kids. Knowing what can trigger different things, what can cause a child to behave erratically and one day turn in to a monster.  Sometimes it is genetics, there is not family history of severe mental illness of the kind I have alluded to. I believe it is not just treating your kids better than you believe your parents treated you. It is something inside us as humans that makes us want to stretch out and have our offspring do amazing things with their lives. I am going help my son write a story, I will help him with it because I am his dad, and he needs help with his writing and spelling. I do this because I want him to succeed, I want the children of my friends to succeed. It is just who I am.


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