The one that didn’t get away

When you love something more than yourself that is true love. – Unknown

January 24th has a special meaning for me. It is the day I decided to take a chance, and do something I was too afraid to do with another girl/woman/female. I acted on something for the reason that I really like the person and decided to take the one chance I thought I would have. I have had chances like this with other women and never acted on it out of fear. That fear drove me away from women I believed I had a connection with. Apparently things are not what they seem when we first think about it. This woman had dark brown hair and amazing multi-colored eyes, and by multi-colored that is exactly what I mean. One part of her iris is blue the other is green/hazel. These colors change with her temperament and whether she has consumed alcohol.

I know these things because we have been together thirteen years since I took that one chance. She is an amazing artist, mother and wife. She is more supportive of my writing and quest for being published than a lot of women. She shows intelligence when she is reading/editing my writing as well as a love and kindness not hurt my feelings when I know the writing sucks. She tries hard to be everything to me and our two kids. I know there are times she cannot do everything she wants to do. That is why we made a deal. Once I am published, I am going to help her with her art. She has supported me through my writing it is only fair that I should support her with her drawing, painting and sketching. She is better than she or a few other people thinks she is. She is the reason I wake up and take a breath in the morning, not only for our kids but because she is the one that didn’t get away.


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