Killing the babysitter

Like all new parents, me and my wife decided with our child that we would not let him watch too much TV. He is now six and loves to watch TV. This is not what I wanted or my wife wanted when we decided to have kids. Everyone that grew up in our age bracket (we are both Gen Xers) has heard the term kill the babysitter, alluding to the television. Well I have wanted to kill the babysitter for a long time. We have Hulu Plus on our Playstation 3 along with Netflix. Since we have both I have tried to talk my wife into killing our cable, except for our internet connection. Without our internet connection how could I post my blog, twitter and keep in touch with people on Facebook.

The next few days I plan on pulling the plug on our cable service, other than our internet. I have only a few regrets about this. I am a child of the eighties and grew up with PBS. My son was a fan of Elmo and Sesame Street for a long time and still watches it with his sister. I believe in supporting PBS with government funds. Without PBS most of my generation would not have learned the alphabet or numbers, not to mention the good values we learned from the show.

The last straw for me happened the other day. My son was eating breakfast, watching Disney Jr. on the Disney Channel, his sister proceeded to get three feet from the TV and stare at it. No one wants a child addicted to TV, that is why I am killing the babysitter.


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