Across a desert lies a new path

There are times I forget to include things that happen in daily life. I believe I write too much about…well…writing. This is boring for those reading the blog. I am going to try rectifying that. First thing to do is finish the draft I have been working on. This draft has been a challenge since I started. Having to rewrite over 40k worth of work is not what I thought it was going to be. I know that sounds like a baby crying to other writers, but this is the first one I have finished and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it.

Living in Las Vegas does have its perks, concerts by amazing artists, food by well known chefs and places outside the city that most tourists don’t know about. Today I visited Bonnie Springs with my wife, kids and in-laws. My in-laws were in town to see my son for his birthday, it’s the 16th of March. I have been to Bonnie Springs before but it has been a few years. It is definitely one of those places most tourists don’t know about.

It has an Old West theme to it. It has shootouts, hangings and recently Ghost Adventures did a show there. It is near the Red Rock Conservation Area. Red Rock is another one that a lot tourists don’t know about. It is amazing this time of year since it is not extremely hot like it is in August (120). Now is the perfect time to come to Las Vegas and see something other than a casino. Sure the casinos are the big business in Nevada, but sometimes the ringing in the casino needs to put in a sound proof room. Come see the Las Vegas the locals don’t tell you about, and tell your friends.


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One Response to Across a desert lies a new path

  1. paulastewart55 says:

    The area around Las Vegas is beautiful..

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