I feel like I have stood still while he has aged so fast.

Today is my son’s 7th birthday. It was an unusually hot day when he was born. I remember being at work, my wife calling me, and rushing to the hospital. When I got out of the car I realized it was 95 degrees, the sun was unbelievable that day.

When I got to the room my wife was laying down already in the bed. Her parents were on their way from Utah, it would be their first grandkid. For my parents it would be their 13th. We sat in the room for what seemed like forever. Our son decided he didn’t want to come out yet and started moving back up. That was when it got crazy. My wife’s heart rate started dropping, so did our son’s. The doctor’s decided they couldn’t wait and had to take him out then, otherwise they would risk losing my wife and son. This was one of the scariest moments in my life, the other one was when my daughter was born.

I waited outside the operating room for someone to come and get me while they prepped my wife for a C-section. I forgot to grab the camera and ran back to the room, making it into the room just in time to hear my son do that scream, and he screamed. I remember telling my wife when he screamed “Do you hear that, that’s our son” she was kind of dazed from the day’s events and had no response. While they took him to the infant room, the kicked me out of the room so they could stitch her up.

I left the room to show my parents and my wife’s our son. That was a great, terrifying day. Every day since his birth has been an adventure. From the time he was bit by a dog, he still has scars and hates poodles because of it. To the day his sister was born and how bad he wanted to go into the NICU to see her. He has grown so fast that I feel like I have stood still while he has aged so fast. He was nearly two in the above picture.
This was a few months ago, he still has those blue eyes like me. He has learned to be a smart-alec like me, he has started drawing, he gets that from his mom. He has an appreciation of music, all kinds that I have never seen in a child, he loves Linkin Park. Want to learn more about how much he loves Linkin Park read my previous post.

Happy Birthday Tarquin, I am very proud of you.


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