The day the devil talked to me

When writers talk about what inspired them to write, what brought them to the place and made them what they are, there is the every present it is what I wanted to do. Times I have sat at the computer waiting for something to happen only finding nothing but my eyes looking back at me for an hour. Then there are the times like today. I have tried to finish a re-write for three chapters that needed to be changed. These three chapters are necessary to the overall story or I would have dumped them already. It has been two and half weeks and I have written a page and half. But today after reading the majority of a book my cousin gave me, I started looking at things in the story differently. Now, not enough to make me change everything, but enough to make me write things down and see whether I should write this story. Don’t worry, I’m still writing it.

The story is the same, but to me finding where it was going in my head, where it was going according to my life and where I sit every day, that has really changed. I found myself this afternoon on my lunch break, breaking down the story in small pieces like the book says I should do. Some of the people I work with know what I am doing and others, well, they think I am just kind of out there any way…especially my managers. I found what I needed today in breaking down the story and doing what I need to do. I know now that I am at that point that a lot of writer’s talk about. The end point, the jumping off point, or the point where I decide, do I keep going with what I have or do I redo the entire story.

Thus far I am keeping going and will not take the dive and rewrite the story. Though if I am asked to do this later by an agent, editor, publisher or my beta-reader I will do so. Right now is not the time to take that step. Right now is the time to put me head down and finish it, hand it off to my beta-reader and see what comes out.


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2 Responses to The day the devil talked to me

  1. Yeah, man, keep writing it. Just finish that first draft and give it a good look-over a week or so later. Then send it off, out into the world!

    Keep writing

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