Do some girls have a pink gene?

My wife is sort of tomboy by her own admission. She likes cars, her favorite is a ’61 Corvette and doesn’t really care for girlie type of things, except shoes. She doesn’t spend a lot of time shopping like some women do. She is happy hiking, riding bikes or playing with our two kids. This is where the title of this post comes in. Our daughter is 18 months, she carries a bag around the house like it is her purse and acts like an addict when you take her down the girl aisles at Target.

As far as I can remember our daughter has always liked the color pink or some derivative there of. She likes to play with the kitchen she got for Christmas more than one of our son’s Hot-wheels. My wife said she would have played with the Hot-wheel over the kitchen when she was little. My wife dresses our daughter in pink clothes or another color of the girl rainbow. This is not so much because she is a girl, we tried other colors and she would scream when she had something more neutral.

I know that some therapists believe that you should not treat your daughter as a princess. The problem with our daughter is she was born liking all the princess stuff. She has always liked to look at Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” that could because of her name. I have wondered this since the first time I saw her giggle and freak out going down the Barbie aisle at Toys ‘R’ Us. Is there a pink gene like some women believe there is a mommy gene?


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7 Responses to Do some girls have a pink gene?

  1. paulastewart55 says:

    I absolutely love this.

  2. Oh goodness. I guess some people just like girly things. I know a guy who has the pink gene, because he is a baking goddess, loves purple and pink, loves shopping and shoes too much for his own good, and squeals when he see’s something he likes… or sees a bug. That’s my boyfriend. I’m a tomboy, through and through, and would have picked the hot wheel. I hate shopping, shoes, dresses, etc, etc.

    So some people just like that stuff. I guess. Does it make me less feminine? Probably, by America’s norms, but I’m sure I’m just fine as a female somewhere. XD

    I guess your daughter got the girl gene. Good luck when she hits 13.

  3. Kana Tyler says:

    One of our sons had the pink gene from early on… Found a pair of pink socks (from a multi-colored pack I’d bought for all the OTHER colors, not liking pink myself even for girls), would wear no socks BUT the pink socks, NAMED the pink socks… That was before he was two, and it went from there–his first three years of school pictures were all in pink polos of his own choosing. He transitioned to red sometime around third grade, but I can happily report there were lots of hand-me-downs for his little sister who (sigh) also adores pink. Neither of them got it from ME, but there it is. 😉

    • BB_Baker says:

      Thanks for your comment. This is one of my favorites of my older posts and I still get comments on it often. My daughter is a pink girl and my wife is a tomboy. My wife doesn’t have the pink gene.

  4. susielindau says:

    My daughter’s favorite toy when she was toddling was a plastic ugly spider. I expected her to be a tomboy as she followed her older brother around everywhere, but she is all girlie girl. In comparison, I am a tomboy! I think kids naturally pick out what they like and exert their independence at early ages. I loved stepping back and watching all those choices through the years. Now my kids are 20 and 22 and I still love to see what decisions they make!
    BTW- I never listened to the pop psychology of the time. You know your kids the best! I always felt like my job was to figure out what they were interested and talented in and then I paved the way to help them accomplish their goals!
    Great post! It took me right back. It goes really fast BTW!

    • BB_Baker says:

      This is one of favorite posts, and still one of the posts I get the most comments on. My daughter is now 27 months and is still very much a girl, but she likes her big brothers Hot Wheels. Thanks for your comments. I will have to update this post soon considering all the comments and hits I get on it.

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