The break, or what to do for two weeks until my read through

Writing has always been a form of managing my life. Whether I am writing about dark things or about something fantasy. Things always revolve around my life. My choices of writing music do not show where I was when the story idea popped in my head. I use Pandora for my music selections because it is easier to find the right music that way. If I like a song enough I will buy it and it will remind me of what I was writing when. I have finished the thirteenth draft of the project. I know there will be more drafts until it is ready.

When I say thirteen drafts that is starting from a few pages of sketching the idea to a short story and then to a novel length story. Writing the story has led to late night sessions and going to my day job very tired and worn out. Most of my co-workers understand why I am tired and have forgiven as well as encouraging. Those that I work with that have no idea why I am up late are starting to be less and less. Not by my doing only from word of mouth.

Trying to focus on the day job is harder with each passing week. I know I am not quite close to publication but I am closer than I was a year or six months ago. The next two weeks of not really writing will be tough. I have a few story ideas to work on when the two weeks are up. As always I cannot divulge what they are about, that would spoil the fun of you possibly reading it. I love the little breaks like these except for the not staying up late. When I stay up late with the next project it will hurt.

I am enjoying just having the draft done. It feels great as it did with the last draft. The progression in my writing,  changes in the story and how far I have come shock me when I go back and read the earlier draft to start the revisions/rewrites. Still a long way to go but for now I am enjoying the break and am trying to find a book to read for the next couple weeks while I am away from the story.

Happy writing,


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2 Responses to The break, or what to do for two weeks until my read through

  1. I’m intrigued by this post and about your day job (though you don’t have to say what it is). My day job involves a lot of writing for my company, so sometimes I come home too tired to write creatively for myself. A few years ago, I worked in retail and wrote. A job that bored me out of my mind, but left over a lot of energy for personal writing. Some days I’m not sure which was the better set up.

    • BB_Baker says:

      My day job involves enough writing for a couple of papers and thats it. I work eight hour days, forty hours a week. I too come home worn and out and too tired to get anything worth keeping. But as long as I am writing I keep it, no matter how bad I feel it is at the time. My job does bore me I guess that is why I write, it really is an escape from every day life just as reading is. Thanks for your comments. Always nice to have new people visit.

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