Mystified and hibernating in Las Vegas

When thinking about things I am usually mystified by the way my mind works. Writing is one thing but sitting talking to someone at my day job about trivial things, that is where I can shine. I work in Las Vegas, I work with guests and coworkers who sometimes can’t tell the difference when I am joking with them and being serious. This goes double for guests. What makes these people lose their funny bone, what makes them want to run around life merely existing and not changing?

Feeling like I am preaching to people who are beyond repair (the guests). People who understand my humor and why I hibernate on my lunch hour, those are the people who get me and what I am trying to do. Making me feel better about my writing and why I write, those people who stood by me when I would post on FB many times about changing what I was writing about, they are the ones who get me and don’t bitch.

Knowing I am not alone in this constant quest for change has kept me writing and trusting people with my writing and as for my hibernation at lunch, well, sometimes I get grumpy like a bear. first don’t ask to borrow my pen, laptop or writing paper. Asking to use a writers tools are like going to an artist and asking to use his brushes. A visual artist creates with brushes, paints, pastels, pencils, clay or any number of other things. I have an artist in my house, and went to high school with a bunch of them. Never touch their ways to create, some of them feel it taints the brushes or whatever they use. The same for most writers!

Not sure where I am going with this anymore, just thoughts and things that rattled around my brain serving drinks to tourists.


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