Something in me has changed since finishing my first book


I thought as many writer do that when you finish writing a book all the publishers would come running. I have yet to send it to a publisher or agent for that matter. My mind has since changed when it comes to publication, maybe it’s because I know now what I need to do or because I have more help with the editing/revising, I am still not sure which it is. I have moved my writing and focus to another book, this one is much different from the last though it still has some of the same ideas.

When I finished the last draft of the manuscript I felt a sense of accomplishment I have not felt in my entire life. The closest I can compare it to is the day my kids were born or the day I married my wife. Something about finishing it made me feel complete as a human. Learning what that feels like, I will continue searching for that feeling.

With the new MS (manuscript) I have found an outlet of things I imagined a book should be or what I believed it should be. With a change of story comes a change of music and point of view. With the last MS I listened to Chopin, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Lacuna Coil. With the new draft I am listening to softer bands–that does not mean the story is softer– My playlist is the “My Morning Jacket” channel on Pandora. Finding new things to write and new ways to write them is the reason to do another book.

The air is still as dark but I am finding cracks of light in the crevices of my mind.


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One Response to Something in me has changed since finishing my first book

  1. Hey man,

    good post. I myself have changed my ‘style’ a couple of times according to my philosophies about what literature should be. Until about 5 years ago when I dumped all preconceptions overboard and just wrote what I wanted to. That was very liberating and the first three of those stories were immediately published. Have no doubt, readers will always somehow feel that you had fun writing the book. That;s what gives it it’s ‘buzz’.

    Keep writing!

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