When finding the right voice scares the hell out of you

I never put much belief that the voice of a horror story should come straight out of the writer and from the darkest parts of their mind. The past week and the current WiP has changed my thoughts on this belief. Normally my writing is concise and I have outlined, plotted, story boarded and done character sketches.

I decided against doing any of that with this new story, and here is why. When I started writing again I had lost my edge and I thought I should do things that other writers do to prepare for writing, like the above referenced plotting, outlining., etc. I thought I lost my writing mojo. Writing never felt like a job or work until I started doing those things. The first novel I wrote I did without those things. I only sat at the computer and wrote and let the words come out without judging them. The earlier book is going through the rounds with my beta-readers and I hope to have it ready by the first part of 2012.

Freeflow writing, where the writer does not use outlines or any of that stuff feels natural to me. It is sometimes harder to do since i don’t know what is coming next in the story. In the past week with this story it has changed three different times. I thought I knew what the story was about and then like a blast of lightning to my head that sent shivers down my spine every time the book changed, it started getting darker, to the point where I felt I needed more lights on when I was writing. I have never been afraid of my writing, I guess that is what I needed for a breakthrough.

I felt like I was hiding who I was when I would write outlines, like there was a better way to get it out. There was, it just took me a while to get to it. Right now this story is intriguing but it is also scaring me at the same time. I have not visited these parts of my mind in a long time and finding them again has brought out a creature I thought was gone.


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