Unsure of where this is going, but damn it’s fun!

These past few days I have had the euphoric feeling when writing. Not just my WiP, but everything. I feel empowered with this new found freedom. I feel things are happening faster in my head than I can get them down on the page. I am thinking a few paragraphs ahead of what is coming through my fingers. I hope this high lasts because this feels better than any drug.

I am seeing things more clearly in the story, the way I used. Writing a movie is the only way I can put it. I see each scene before it plays out, the intricate little dancing words are like fire ants pulling the flesh apart and feasting on the insides. Where was this rush before, where has it been hiding the last few months. I don’t know, I only know it is here now and I am going to keep feeding this creature.

A new strangeness and darkness is in my head and I am embracing the dark. I see things for the darkness in each word and sense that there will be more to come after I finish this WiP. This darkness is here now and I think I found the voice I wanted and know where to place things again and how to fix other stories. It was a moment of clarity, a revitalization of my soul and a sudden fondness for that which has made me who I am, the dark.

To embracing the dark!



Picture by JerryCai on DeviantArt

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