There are more important things than this trial

At the end of the day a little girl died. You watched it unfold on TV, much the way we have with every big trial from O.J. to the Menendez brothers, Michael Jackson and so many others that I am sick. With everything going on in the world with all the kids that are killed by their parents or a stranger we choose to isolate one little girl.

Her death is tragic, but calling people names that feel differently than you do or calling Casey Anthony names is not going to bring that little girl back to life. Watching the trial I thought the prosecution proved their case up until the defense starting throwing cogs into it. Whether it is the forensics on the tape or any other evidence they screwed up.

I wish people cared as much about the economy, climate change, world hunger, Tibet, AIDS, Gay Rights, the national debt, Africa…I could go on to list a lot more. But until people care more about the things I listed and not a trial about a little girl and the mother that a jury of her peers judged her as “not guilty” this world will never care about anything other than what the news media tells us.

There are more important things in the world than this trial.

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