Astral Projection and the movie Insidious(Possible Spoilers)

This is my first post of what I am calling “Darkness Fridays”. My wife and I watched Insidious the other night, as a horror fan I thought it was interesting.

As someone that knows a thing or two about astral travel (astral projection) I thought it could have been better.

For those that don’t know the movie, you can watch the trailer here. The movie had moments where I was watching and would think this is twisted. Those moments started to wane towards the end.

Astral travel (I will be calling it AT for for the rest of the post), something that numerous books, movies and TV shows have done was interesting, but Insidious left a lot to be desired.

Astral travel is something that most people have done, they just don’t know they have. Most dreams where you are flying, those are actually Astral Travels.

I didn’t know I was doing it until I turned fourteen, I found a book about it and discovered I’d been doing it since I was five.

To the traveler it feels like any other dream. The difference being, if you stay out of your body too long you will wake up very tired, as if you had walked miles.

The parts of the movie about the other, or outside. The things that want in to our bodies, I have traveled far doing astral travel, but I have never seen anything that compares to the movie, that’s why it’s a movie.

That does not mean that you cannot get lost or that things are not trying to find their way into your body, I just haven’t experienced anything like that.

It is not as unique as the movie makes it out to be.

We don’t know why some people can do this and some can’t. Just as we don’t know why some people can dunk a basketball or throw a slider. It is about having the talent to do it, some things you can’t teach, I believe being able to AT is one of these things.

The same as being intuitive or psychic, something I may tackle on another day.

The idea behind the movie was interesting, and that is what made it scary, the unknown. Anyone who has had a sick kid knows how these parents feel. That is what draws you in. Overall I thought it was OK, not a stellar movie but creepy enough to hold my interest.

For more information about AT look here, here,  here.

For research about AT look here.

Not sure what next week will be, probably something darker, book review maybe. Reading “At The Mountains of Madness” now, so possibly a Lovecraft review.


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