I see ghosts, if they were dead people they’d be zombies

Today is Darkness Friday, a day that the blog has a darker post. This post speaks for itself. This is something I have dealt with for a long time.


Ghosts are one of the things I have a special attachment to.

Since I was five years old I have seen ghosts. There have been times that have scared me more than I can describe in words.

My maternal grandmother was gifted with this. I received this gift or curse, depending on your point of view. I remember the first time I saw a ghost, I was in my grandmas basement and I remember see a man in a black coat. He waived at me and tried to talk.

It was not until later I found out who he was. My Great-Grandfather!

This is a story that I have not told anyone, not even my mom. He was wearing almost the exact suit when I saw him. My great-grandfather was Scottish and as a child I didn’t know where my ancestors came from or what a Scottish accent sounded like. When I found out I knew he was the person I saw in my grandparents basement.

From the cool to the frightening!

One of my scariest experiences is when my wife and I went to Sedona, Arizona. For those that don’t know Sedona is known for its vortexes. These vortexes are places where the earths energy is at its maximum.

On the day the event happened we climbed Cathedral Rock, one of the largest vortexes in Sedona. Upon reaching the top I pulled out my notepad and pen, my wife took out her sketchbook and we sat at the top doing what came naturally to us.

Descending the rock I felt an overwhelming peace. It is the feeling that I get when I meditate times ten.

When we went to bed in our hotel room that night, I remember having a dream of a small demonic baby standing next to my bed yelling. It was one of those dreams when you know it’s a dream and you are fighting to wake up.

When I finally woke up, I looked at my wife laying sound asleep. Then I looked toward the door–our room was a suite with small sitting area–there was large black figure near the door. On the other side of the room, sitting on the hide-a-bed sat another dark figure. I went to stand up and the man near the door moved, like he was trying to block me from going anywhere.

Problems with having this gift/curse.

When the movie 13 Ghosts came out I wanted to see it because it looked cool and I love scary movies. The problem for me with this movie is seeing ghosts like the ones portrayed in the movie.

I would not categorize the “ghosts” in the movie as ghosts. Ghosts don’t want to hurt anyone, at least not any ghosts I have seen. I don’t buy into the ghost with unfinished business thing.

Because of the traumatic nature of what happened in the movie and the way the ghosts were in the movie, I left emotionally and psychically drained to the point that my wife almost had to carry me out.

Most ghosts don’t know they are dead. A lot of them either can’t see us or ignore us because they are what paranormalists call a “Residual Haunting”. There are many types of hauntings.

I have never had a ghost tell me to find their body or tell me that someone killed them.

The movie The Sixth Sense describes how it feels perfectly. Many of my relatives have this gift as I do. Some of them have it a lot stronger than I do. I can sense them still but I see them less and less. I am not sure if it’s because I am busy with my family and writing or it is something else.

I think my daughter has it because she wakes up at almost the same time every night. I wish she didn’t. My son has felt things as well, he knew there was something in his room, because he saw it, and so did I after spending the night in his room with him.

I think ghosts are like people. Some of them want to have company, some of them want to play pranks and some of them just want to be left alone

If a ghost says that it wants you to help it find out who killed it, the ghost is not a ghost but a malevolent spirit that wants you for another purpose. I have seen only two of these types of creatures, one was in my son’s room at our old house. The other was in Sedona, the one sitting on the couch was not a “nice” spirit.



I am taking suggestions for next week’s post.

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5 Responses to I see ghosts, if they were dead people they’d be zombies

  1. Lari says:

    Oh wow! Cool stories. If you’re thinking of something scary for next week’s post, I would recommend checking out monstropedia. It’s a great website with lots of ideas for writing about supernatural creatures!

  2. Paula says:

    Awesome Brian!! I’m sure you noticed the resemblence!!

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