Being “Limitless”

This is something that every artist has done at some point. Placed a limitation on what is possible.

First “Everything is Possible.”


Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless ~ Jamie Paolinetti

Stop limiting yourself

When it comes to limits there really are none. There are only the limits we place on ourselves. These limits which stop our growth as artists can stop our writing, painting, acting and overall development as human beings.

There was a time when I placed limits on myself, whether it was my writing, family life or my job. Limits were meant for mere mortals. I am mortal in body only. My mind and my thoughts are moving past that.

At one time I believed I should write a book that everyone believed I should write, not what I wanted to write, not what my heart and soul told me. I gave into the things that I wanted for my family and my own life. I chose to write what I knew people wanted me to write.

Since childhood I have had a fascination with darkness. Whether it was the macabre, vampires, werewolves or Hollywood slasher movies. I bought into that being who I was. I knew there were other books I wanted to write, things that were not like this. Stories that had only to do with human nature.

All the other stories I believed people wanted me to write, those were the stories I told myself to write, not the stories that, when I thought of them took my breath away and made me love the art of writing. The types of stories that when I read them as a child I felt in awe of the author.

Who are you really?

Taking the chance and moving onto the stories that kept my fire alight, the stories that made me want to write in the first place. The exact ones that I felt I could write. I put window dressing on my stories. Whether it is writing about vampires or alternate dimensions. I always loved the stories about real people and real situations more than the ones about monsters.

Those that truly know me will think I have gone mad from reading this. Trust me, I have not. It took a soul searching and a few people to make me realize that I am not that writer, and never was. I loved the stories with monsters that I wrote, but it is the stories with real monsters, the human monster that always fell in love with.

Whether it is Tyler Durden in “Fight Club” , Frederic Henry in “A Farewell to Arms” or Patrick Batemen in “American Psycho” it is always the darker self or as Dexter Morgan of the TV Show Dexter calls it, “Dark Passenger.” I have always loved those stories more than any other, not because three of them are killers but the abandoning of the self that we want everyone to see, the mask, that which we put on public display.

We all have a dark side, whether it is thinking like Dexter or wanting the ability to ignore the little things, like Tyler Durden. “You are not a perfect snowflake”, as Tyler says. We all have our hidden “Dark Passenger” our subconscious wanting to break through and make us do the bad things that society frowns upon.

Choosing the write path

Knowing when you are on this path and sticking to it.

Stop giving in to what you don’t want. Stop lying to yourself and write, paint, perform what you were born to do and not what is expected of you. Break the expectations and throw them in the circular file.

There should be no limits to what you can do. I am not talking monetary, I am talking about you, the person you see in the mirror every day. The one person that you should be doing your art form for. We have to live in these shells of muscle, bone, tissue and organs for our lives so why place limits. You can’t take this life with you, but you can learn a lot along the way. Every moment is a stepping stone to an eventuality. The eventuality of death. If you limit yourself along those stones you will not be happy or love yourself the way you need to.

Be happy with who you are and stop listening to the voices around you, you know the ones, those that wish you were not there, those that have held you back. Listen to your heart, for only there will you see what you truly can be.


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