It’s always the crazy times that push us to our limits.

“Today’s “Well” post is something that always hits every one of us, usually at the worst time. Finding the strength to push through these crazy times is what makes us who we are. These are what make us better artists, parents, children and humans.

Grab hold and ride it out. The crazy times are when growth occurs.


One of my favorite songs about this subject.

Life has a way to make you look at things in other ways. 

I thought about using the old curve ball cliché for this post, but I hate that one. Things in life change, that is the way life is. Without changes life would be boring and nothing would ever get done.

It is the changes in life that move us forward. I remember my stint at Marine boot camp. Being a Marine was something I wanted since I was sixteen. When I got to boot camp it felt wrong, everything about being there felt wrong. To this day I am not sure what it was about being there that felt wrong.

I was honorably discharged from boot camp after failing the medical tests. That was a change I was not anticipating and the pillow I slept on that night bore the signs of that.

I know now why I am here and why I’m not a Marine. I have a beautiful wife, two awesome kids and without being discharged I would never see my son play the guitar he loves so much.

Our lives are turbulent, and they’re supposed to be that way.

Turbulent things make us grow. Whether it is as a human being, or an artist it is the turbulent times that I love most. I know that I will learn a lesson from the turbulence.

When the turbulence blows threw we are almost always unprepared. We are unprepared for a reason, life is doing it to show us something. What that something is, well, that is up to the person experiencing the change.

The feeling of life’s change can resonate for years. I am thirty-five and I went to Marine boot camp at eighteen. It is the resonance of the change–its lasting effect–that will last the longest. Without that resonance we would not suffer to learn from our mistakes.

It is in the learning that we truly grow as artists and humans. It is only from the learning and the mistakes we truly find out who we are.

These things will make you a better person

  • Listen to yourself. No matter what anyone tells you listen to your heart.
  • Take the changes in stride, they are there for a reason.
  • There will be changes that you don’t like, these are the deaths of loved ones, the end of marriages and the other things we wished didn’t happen. Remember there is a reason for these changes. You may not see it for a year or more as I did. But they will come.
  • Keep those that inspire you close. Keep those that are negative at a distance.
  • Keep a journal of your life. Whether it is an online blog or paper and pen. This is something you will treasure when you get older.

Life is different for each of us. Our quest through life has perils. It is how we come through these perils that we should judge ourselves. Because honestly how can someone–who hasn’t ridden our crazy lives–judge something they know nothing about.


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