How writing has changed who I am.

The challenging moments of writing.

Writing fills me with hope that one day I will write something and someone will pick it up and whisper to them self. “That moved me.”

I gave up writing what I thought people wanted me to write. I did that for the same reason as the sun rises every morning. Because, like the sun, it is what I am, a writer that writes stories that can move people.

I used to pin myself down to one genre and after thinking about who I am and what I wanted to say I chose not do that. I found it very liberating not to do that.

It was like a weight removed from my shoulders. I learned to accept that I write in different genres. I feel that placing your self in one place is like placing a candle in airless space, the candle goes out and there is no flame to light the way.

Being Enlightened by Writing.

For the last eight years that I have written, the last four have been where I’ve grown the most. I’ve learned that perseverance and strength of mind are the greatest assets we can have as writers.

I have learned that you should only trust a handful of people with your project. One of them is my wife, my “editor” and two of my friends that read more than I do.

I have delved into that part of my brain that wants to be locked away and kept from the sunlight, only to beg for a sunrise.

I’ve climbed down from the summit of my ego and felt reality hit me in the face in one form or another.

Learning to deal with the life you have been given and the challenges that remain in that life is the hardest thing to deal with. But I am better for taking this journey.

I have learned that I can trust myself with anything and that there is the knowing that I am doing something that may change someones life in someway. Whether they read something I wrote or heard about it from someone else.

I am not published, but I will be.


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