My wife, my biggest cheering section

When we begin to contemplate our lives and who we want in our lives. Each of us has a cheering section for what we want to accomplish. It is usually comprised of our spouses, mom/dad, friends and siblings. I didn’t include our kids in this because my kids are too young to really understand what I am trying to do. My son knows that daddy writes every night, he just doesn’t know why.

I know when he gets older he will understand, and hopefully he will be working on his own art form then.

Out of this group the ones that usually take the brunt of what we are trying to do are our spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends. These people see us every day and see how stressed we get when the story doesn’t fit together or when we get stuck and want to scream at the keyboard, but know we can’t because there are kids sleeping in the next room.

They see us at our most vulnerable and sometimes we take the frustration of writing out on them. That can be either in the form of coldness or rudeness, of which I am guilty of both.

These spouses/other half’s or what have you, they are the ones we reach for when things are going wrong. They usually know what we are writing, and why. They can tell when something is completely wrong with the story, even if we can’t.

My wife has been this person for me. She has been there for me when I wanted to hide from the computer, because I knew nothing would come out.

She knows my moods, and knows not to touch me, talk to me or try and console me when the story is not coming out.

I don’t tell her enough how much everything she puts up with means to me.

She knows what I go through during a rewrite, and sits there and waits until I will let her read it. She puts up with my writing mood swings. She knows just what will make me feel better, her enchiladas, a shiny new pen or Flipz.

I hope she knows what her sacrifices mean to me.

Happy Anniversary Anita. The last 12 years have gone by faster than I planned. I wish I could take back a couple of those years. It is the last seven and half with our son that have been the best.

Things have not gone always as we’ve planned but we made up for it in other ways.

Thank you for being my biggest cheering section during our journey of marriage, life, parenthood and my writing. Your cheers are always the loudest and mean the most to me.


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