Be the beautiful snowflake

Having a lot more fun with the blog since the change last week. I am back to writing this week after getting notes back from my reader. I am also looking forward to my daughter’s birthday tomorrow. This is a good week.

Friday’s post is as yet undecided but will follow the new feel I set forth last week. Friday is the day to speak about what I am passionate about for the week. Looking forward I will keep with the rest of the blogs format, it is only Friday that has changed. I have run out of ideas for dark things. But I have something planned for Halloween.

Here is the post for Wednesday:


The things that bind us to each other are the same as the things that can push us away.

I saw that sentence a while ago and thought of it the other day. I wasn’t sure why until I sat down to write this post.

There are many things in life that we take advantage of, our family, our friends the compassion we have for others and the little moments in life when no one else is watching.

It is these little moments that people miss out on because of broken ties. Whether is it birthdays, anniversaries or something else. Missing these moments can cause irreparable damage to any relationship.

These little moments are the ones that I’ve been thinking about lately. It is only in the little moments when we feel completely vulnerable. It can be that moment when you look at your kids playing and they don’t know you’re watching. Or that moment when, for the first time you felt comfortable in your own skin.

It is the former in this instance, I’ve been comfortable in my skin for a while and I won’t give that up. 

It is watching my kids play or my wife laugh, those moments that are important to me. Everything else is second, even my writing. It is because of them I write. My family has been the thing that binds me, keeps me sane and makes every day worth waking up for.

It is my extended family, sisters, brothers and parents that seem to push us away from each other. Whether it is one thing or another, the little squabbles here or there. None of it truly matters in the end. Life is not about the little squabbles, it is about living here and now.

We are here, in this moment, right now.

The moment has come, a refusal to be who you are and what you care about is more important.

What do you care about? Who is important to you?

Does life seem only an act of getting from point A to point B or is there more for you out there. I am telling you there is more. Trust in yourself.

Believe that you are a beautiful snowflake.

Taking the time to complete your journey before the time is up? Find your true place in life, not some delegated decision from a relative, supervisor or news channel.

Watch out! The Matrix has you!

If you are not careful the life you live will not be your own, but a facsimile of what all the people around you want it to be. A composite of its parts.

Doing what you want is not that facsimile. It is what you were born for, what you know in your heart you were supposed to do with your life. It is your life after all.

Don’t give in! Be the beautiful snowflake not the facsimile of what someone wants you to be. Grab your life and run with it.


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