Don’t dodge the story, write it!

When writing becomes boring is it really the writing?

I sat the other night playing video games. Yes, I am a 35 year old teenager. I love video games, have since the Atari 5200 sat in my living room and Donkey Kong was in the arcade.

I played because I knew I had to write and was dodging it because of the rewrites I knew I had to do. I finished a large section of the new WiP and sent it to my “editor” and waited for her notes. She is someone I completely trust with my writing.

Once I received her notes I knew that a lot needed to be changed. I take criticism a lot better than I used to.

After getting her notes and talking to my wife–my other editor–I knew they were both right about a lot of things and I needed to rewrite the whole section, 8500 words. Rewrites are always painful because I am taking something I love and making it different from what I saw in my head. That change it scary. It is one of the scariest things to me.

So, I decided to play video games, read a lot and dodged any chance I had of writing, well almost. I did get 560 words done on my lunch hour, well a half hour anyway. That is all the writing I have done because I want to do anything I can to stay away from it. Well at least that is how it seems.

I truly want to finish this story but am wasting time playing video games or doing something else other than write.

Why do I dodge it? Is it the fear of change or is it something else, something deeper? I know that I can write, that is not the question.

I firmly believe every book was meant to be written.- Marchette Chute

This book is part of my soul. When I first had the idea my wife told me to write it. I was afraid. Afraid that something I truly loved as much as this story would be judged badly.

With these rewrites I feel that way but differently. I feel like the change is inevitable and it must be done to make the story right.

After that first 560 words I read it and knew that my “editor” and my wife were right about all their suggestions. That does not mean the fear to write it went away. It only means I knew what had to be done and took the initiative and did it.

I have a long way to go and my wife is helping me. My “editor” is extremely busy writing her own books and I know that she would help me if she had time.

I can do this!


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