My first foray into the Gears of War universe.

Wednesday is the day to drink from the “Well” of life. Something that has moved me or made me think. This game has done that. I am not one to review video games or much else. I made an exception with this game for the only reason I could come up with, I love it.


I play video games for fun, relaxation and sometimes just to take out some frustration. I have been playing since my parents bought an Atari 5200. Yes, I am an old school gamer.

I have been out of the loop on games other than my favorites for a while. As to my favorites, DMC, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Silent Hill, Crysis, Call of Duty and a few MMO’s. I am really looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Since I have been out of the loop I have not paid attention to other games. Most notably the “Gears of War” franchise. I am not sure why I haven’t played it before. I try not to play violent games when my son or daughter are awake and I think that may be a reason I haven’t played it, that and I have written two books in the last couple years.

I bought “Gears of War 3” last week and am completely amazed at the story, graphics, weapons and online play.

Having played through the first two acts and become immersed in the story in a way that I’m not sure I ever have in a video game. I found hours slipping away that I was supposed to be writing my book, which is why Monday’s topic was relevant.

The game is simply amazing. When you first get started you are in jail. And get busted out by a friend. From there I was introduced to how the game works–controls, weapons–and how I interact with the environment.

After the introductions were over I was thrown into the battle and played for a few hours until I decided to try the online play. I was promptly shown how much I suck by getting no kills and being fragged into oblivion.

After I logged I knew I loved the game and have been playing at least a couple hours every night before I write. Not sure it is helping with my writing but it is helping me relax, yes video games can help you relax.

This is definitely an “M” rated game. But the purchasing is in the hands of the parents/guardians for most games anyway.

After completing the game I will probably purchase “Gears of War” and “Gears of War 2”

One of the many things that stands out about this game is the score. The musical score for video games often does not get recognized for the art that it is. I have many video game scores in my collection. There are many composers that create for video games among them Garry Schyman, Hans Zimmer and Jesper Kyd.

Music creates the atmosphere in a game. The same as in a movie. If not for some of the awesome scores there are games that would not be as scary, dramatic, funny or action filled without their score.

I love GoW 3 and will play it until I finish the game, something I haven’t done in a while.


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2 Responses to My first foray into the Gears of War universe.

  1. Kenneth Zink says:

    Good review. This game has single-handedly been making me more and more unproductive since it came out. Btw, when you start out and you’re busted out of jail, that’s actually a dream Marcus has that’s reminiscent of the first scene of GoW 1, where Dom busts Marcus out of jail. And if you play the online enough, it gets incredibly fun and you get much better.

    • BB_Baker says:

      I am really thinking about getting the first two after playing this one. The online is crazy. I’ve played everyone so far and really like the Horde one best. Thanks for you comments Kenneth!

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