Do you self promote? You should!

When I decided to take my writing seriously and put the effort into it that it required I thought I knew a thing or two!

Yeah, that didn’t happen!

I didn’t know a friggin thing about self promotion, and I’m still in the dark about some of it. The best thing I did was join Twitter. I found people who, like me, were looking for people like me. There are authors, writing teachers, agents, and publishers that just want to help. I think the agents and publishers are doing it so they can decrease their slush files.

There are people that want to learn more about writing and getting published.

Facebook is nice for family, friends and high school. But Twitter is where you are going to learn about who is who in your field. That could be writing like it was for me or any number of other different types of things.

Twitter is where I have learned more about the craft of writing than from any other place, including books. There are so many people eager to teach. So many people eager to learn it is like being in school with better teachers.

I learned a long time ago to search out those that are like me, writers. And to learn everything I can from those are a published and doing well. These people can be bloggers, authors or just people that like creative people. There are tons of those.

Now I’m not saying that everyone on Twitter is 100% perfect. There are those that you have to watch out for. They usually show up when you start getting a following or when your blog is doing good.

We are supposed to learn to write better, that is why we write.

There are those who say, “I don’t have the time!” Well, I don’t buy that. I have a full time job, write 3 hours every night, have a wife, 2 kids and I maintain my blog, my Twitter presence and a number of other things.

If you truly want something bad enough, you find the time. There are no excuses in life but the ones we make.

Writing–like life–takes practice. We cannot walk at birth, but with practice we do it. Writing is the same way. I forgot most of the stuff I learned in school when I started taking my writing seriously. But through help–Elements of Style–and some really good teachers I am getting better.

If I have a free minute I am writing. You may not see a pen in my hand, but I am writing. Practice is what makes you better. Whether it is following someone on Twitter to learn from or emulate, you will get better.


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2 Responses to Do you self promote? You should!

  1. bebezuckermeadon says:

    Lol I find it really hard to do my own promos. I’m serialising my book on here. “The Architect – Information is power”. Its about aliens. It’s great.

    There you go! Thanks for the post! xxx

    • BB_Baker says:

      It is really hard. But I have been learning a lot faster in the last three months and have picked up a lot of followers and friends because of the promoting I am doing! thanks again for your comments!

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