Understanding how my son learns, he learns like me

I notice I have been doing more parenting post lately. Not sure the reason other than finding other parents that are struggling with their kids like we are.

I hope this helps someone else.


Growing up I never really thought of myself as having ADD or any type of learning disorder. After doing research and reading more about it–we think our son has it–the more I think I have had since I was a kid.

When I was in school I would sit in class, do my work and not get into too much trouble. I didn’t do great in school because I found it boring. That goes for elementary school, middle, high school and university.

When it came to some things I learned faster, reading, spelling and history. When it came to other subjects, science and especially math i didn’t learn as fast. I don’t know why it was like this then, now I am starting to understand.

I found reading fascinating! I thought spelling was amazing and wondered who came up with these words quite often as a kid, and still do. With history, I was amazed that there were so many things that happened before my life and how complicated they were.

Math and science were too boring to me because they didn’t give me that fascination. Math was grueling and science just frustrated me. Today I still hate math but like science, at least some of it.

When I got my first walkman–yes I am that old–I started to listen to music while doing my homework. Something changed in me when I had music. I am the same now. When I write I have to have music with lyrics. My wife and a few others think it’s crazy.

I know after reading I may have had some symptoms of learning disability.

Music always helped me study better and I learned faster. I attribute my love of every type of music genre to my listening as a kid and adolescent. I am always looking for new music, regardless of genre.

My son can’t sit still in class. He walks around, plays with things in the room and fidgets. He does some of these at home and I have learned to deal with it. My wife is still trying to understand how he learns. He learns a lot like I do. You push him and he runs away or ignores you.

In school I did only as much as I needed to so I wouldn’t draw attention. I didn’t need to give the bullies more ammunition. Last thing I wanted was for them to call me a book geek. I was called a nerd for the clothes my dad picked out among other names, some more colorful.

My son is at that stage where he is still trying to decide what he likes. He is seven but seems older than that a lot of the time, vastly older.

He throws tantrums, refuses to do his school work and verbally bashes his mom. I don’t know where he got that last one from. He buts heads with his mom so much that the other night I had to explain to her how he learns. That is when she found this.

I think he learns in his own unique way, a lot of it the way I did. Our focus is now on helping him learn his way not the teachers way, which is going to be interesting!


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