12 things that haunt this writer!

Writing is frenetic and sometimes it doesn’t make the sense we want it to. I’ve felt this many times, my protagonist is in a situation that asks me, “Did I think this story through?”

These writing things haunt my nights:

1. Did I really think this story through.

2. Does the protagonist really have to be so gloomy. (Sometimes so much that I want to reach through the page and turn on some Cure or Radiohead).

3. I should have done an outline, I should have done an outline. (And yes it helps repeating these words).

4. Was that a daydream I should write down or does everyone think about fishing in pink pajamas while wearing a tutu?

5. My desk is too dirty I need to clean it. I will, but not until I get this last chapter finished. (This usually happens after rewriting the last page ten or more times until it’s just right).

6. Did my character shut off the stove. (This is important because you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night, smell your computer and it smells like natural gas, that’s always bad).

7. That antagonist is he believable as an evil High School principal, or should I tone it down. (Thought about this one the other day).

8. Do I really need to do set my pacing so slow or should I speed it up? (This happened the other day when I saw my words walk past my protagonist in the hallway where I live, that was weird).

9. Should I use his real name? Frank just doesn’t fit him unless he is the high school janitor, he isn’t.

10. I think I am running out of chocolate, hold that thought right there. I’m not sure if I can finish this sentence without chocolate.

11. I need a drink to get through these characters and onto the next story.

12. Did I finish my last bottle of scotch, will be right back, wait, no I said don’t go to the next scene. Damn it, my thoughts already moved to the next scene.


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