Free will, Causality, Fate and whether any of it matters.

The first thing I must do in post such as this is state my beliefs. Otherwise I will be called any number of things.

I have called myself a Buddhist for ten years, I don’t always follow some parts of the beliefs–drinking alcohol, meditating regularly–I have determined this is because of the way I was raised, we didn’t go to church much.

I drink alcohol on occasion and went sober for eight months recently. The meditating regularly is because of my work hours, for both my writing and day job. It simply doesn’t allow it as often as I would like. It’s hard meditating with only three hours sleep.

Free will – Being responsible for one’s actions is the way I look at this. Much the way Buddhism teaches you are responsible for your life and not a deity. Thus you strive to improve each life on your return until you attain enlightenment to the benefit of all sentient beings.

Causality – Those who have seen the Matrix Reloaded know this term well as it was the Merovingian’s belief. For everything we do their is a consequence. I am typing this blog and you are reading it. You read this blog because you thought the topic would be interesting. Everything you do after you read this post is follows because you stopped your day to read it and thus everything that follows is a consequence of reading this post.

Fate – I believe every human has thought about this at one time or another. Whether we are set on a pre-destined path. That everything happens for a reason, leading us to an ending that has been predetermined.

Each of the paths before you correspond to something you believed at one time or another.

Each of the above, free will, Causality and fate have their places in many societies.

Causality leads us to believe that what I do now impacts what I will be doing in twenty minutes or in twenty days.

Free will makes us think that we have a say in our lives, it is comforting feeling, much as it was for Neo in Reloaded when he talked to the Oracle. He has to believe that he is in control of his life. Humans like to be in control that is why were are the dominant species on this planet.

Fate, like Free Will is something that we hope is not real. Like the movie “The Adjustment Bureau”, the belief that someone or something is controlling us, a puppet master pulling the strings can make us not care. For if I was selected to be president by Fate, who I am to challenge Fate and say no.

At the end of our lives, when we are old or young and we are staring at death with our eyes open to what is next will it really matter who chose our lives or does it matter more how we lived them.


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11 Responses to Free will, Causality, Fate and whether any of it matters.

  1. taureanw says:

    Great post! And very nicely said

  2. Joy says:

    Absolutely. I say this often, am I going to be on my death bed thinking about how clean and spotless my house was or how many hours per week I worked? No, it will be the moments I spent with family and friends and the experiences I made with them — the choices I made with free will. I’m sure there will be regrets but I’m trying to turn that around lately in my life.
    Thanks for this today, Bri.

    • BB_Baker says:

      This is one of things I love about writing, exploring things that I don’t understand. These three topics are some that I have looked into recently. I believe more in free will, I don’t like the idea that my life is not under my control. Thanks again for the comment.

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  4. jasondegray says:

    I like to look at Fate as predestined by the choices we make (via Free Will). That way, we not only have control of our lives, but can change its course at any given moment.

    Good foundation. Have you gone any further down the rabbit hole?

    • BB_Baker says:

      The rabbit hole has become a friend of mine and I have made frequent visits. Does any of it matter at the end of our lives when we reboot and start over? Thanks for your comments

  5. jasondegray says:

    Of course it matters. If you believe in rebooting and starting over (I assume you mean reincarnating) then you have to believe in a purpose for it. Otherwise we’re stuck in an endless loop of Existential dismay. Doomed to continually repeat our mistakes and never learning from them. To me, that thought is terrifying. Give me eternal Oblivion before that.

    • BB_Baker says:

      Rebooting or rebirth (I don’t care for the term reincarnation because you’re soul is still there it’s just traveling to somewhere else). I believe that we are here to learn, but at the end of our lives does all the little things that drove us nuts while we lived, traffic, terrible bosses, angry exes and the things that we should have just let go of won’t matter when we are reborn into another life, which may be better than the current one depending on how we were in our life. I do agree if we are stuck, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day to repeat everything over again I would rather have eternal darkness. Thanks again Jason

  6. jasondegray says:

    I don’t believe we carry memories of the actual little events themselves. As you say, those are a remainder of our physical lives. However, I believe our souls retain HOW these situations affected us and how we handled them. If we learned from our shortcomings then we are free to move on. If not, we have to go to class (so to speak) until we get it right.

    • BB_Baker says:

      I agree, I don’t believe most of us carry memories with us but I think some times it does happen, this explains past life memories and some research on night terrors. Our souls retaining HOW these situations affected (Karma) us and how we handles them I think is about right. Every thing we do in life is affected by Karma. Which effects free will and everything else mentioned in the post. I think we learn as we go and we move on regardless, without moving on we don’t learn anything and without learning the soul does not gain what it needs to eventually move to a higher consciousness.

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