A glimpse into my writing!

I’ve said that I have been writing for the last ten years, for the last four steady.

I have not said what I’ve been writing, until now. I have a short story that was posted here on Sunday night, it will give you a glimpse into what I’ve been writing, it will not give you the whole picture, which would ruin things.

I wrote this as a prologue for a novel. The novel has been shelved and I am working on a different story that deals with a teenager. It doesn’t have anything to do with the content or genre of the Arterial Red, nor does it have the same feeling of that story.

This story has something in it but I can’t describe the feeling I get when I write it. The closest I have come is it feels like being home. Something that I felt when I started and finished the novel that was Arterial Red.

It feels liberating to talk about the story but still there is so much more to the novel that will be buried. It is still in my head and I may do something with it later but right now I have this one I’m writing and will stick with it until it’s done.

I‘ve had this story in my head for most of the last four years and need to get it out or I may go mad.

Writing is a way to get my thoughts about life out through a character, storyline or setting. I’ve heard other writers say the same thing. Writing is like therapy.

Who needs a Psychiatrist when I can write.

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3 Responses to A glimpse into my writing!

  1. Joy says:

    Yes. It. Is. Much more budget friendly. Bahahaha!

  2. Hey, I loved your story (or prologue) and definitely urge you to take up this novel again once you’ve finished the one you’re working on. Arterial Red is wonderful!

    • BB_Baker says:

      Thanks so much Marcel for putting it on Floating Robes. It was surreal seeing it somewhere other than my PC. I will return to the story once this one is done. With the comments I’ve received here, Facebook and other places the vampires are on my mind again.

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