Are people so blind to what a bully is?

The old idea of what a bully is -> bigger than the kid they are bullying, stealing lunch money.

Today’s definition -> A bully is probably the same size as the kid they are bullying. They have friends with them as backup. 

My son has been bullied this year and some of last year. It only came to light after my son hit one of the kids. I asked him why he hit the kid, “He hit me first.”

Every day at lunch the two boys come up to my son and tell him “we’re not your friends anymore.” The first time it happened he was really upset when he told me and started crying. I told him he will make other friends and its not a big deal. He didn’t understand why they were acting like that and neither did I.

I understood when my son hit the other kid.

The bully hit my son in the back and the leg. My son turned around hit him in the chest and below the belt.

It is now 2 months in from the start of the school year and October is supposed to be Bully Awareness month at his school. For the last month my son wouldn’t play on the playground before school, he had to eat lunch by himself and play at recess by himself because the other kids were playing follow the leader with the bully.

My son is a good kid, he has a few learning issues but we’ve been working on them. He loves to learn but gets bored easily. The bullies take advantage of that.

I was bullied severely when I was in middle school and don’t want him to be bullied. I’m just amazed that teachers don’t understand what a bully looks like and what the bullied look like.


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