What are you doing to help fellow writers?

Challenges face us every day. There are little ones, what do I want for breakfast, should I get my haircut (Guys only). These are things we deal with because we have to.

Then there are the things we deal with because we have to, do I forgive someone for something they did, do I ignore pleas to take my keys after I’ve been drinking and should I write a book and try and get published.

No matter what anyone says, all of these in this last category should be lumped together. Making big decisions is something that should be done with care and not rushed into.

Finding out what we should do with our lives is the hardest thing to do as a human. There are choices that must be made. There are always mistakes, that is the only way to learn. No one is perfect, none of us are without fault, none of us.

Our lives can be summed up in a sentence.

What did they do to make life better for everyone else.

I know this is some of my Buddhist teachings coming through, but honestly if you are not doing something to better yourself or those around you are wasting time. Your time, the time of those around you and the time that you should be chasing your dream. The end of the tunnel is full of light, you just have to have the courage to make that walk.

Every one of us is here for a reason. Whether it is to influence those around us or for ourselves. We all have a motive. It may be as simple as I want to work at 7-Eleven as my seven year old says, he wants free slurpees.

Pay it forward

Choosing to take that first step is important. It is also important to pay it forward. I have had help in my writing from so many people I couldn’t possibly list them all here.

Understanding that you must help someone, anyone is important. That is why whenever someone asks me for help with their writing I will jump in. Asking for help is harder than you think. Knowing you need that help, it’s rough.

Every one of us has the ability to help someone with whatever they need help with. I write so I choose to help writers. But I do help others. My wife is an artist and she wants criticism on her artwork, it’s tough to take but she listens.

I choose to help people with their writing, it is something I am passionate about. I chose the path of a writer because I love books. I love reading books and I really love writing them.

Find what you’re passionate about and do it. You may have to have a second job but that feeling of sitting at a computer or staring at piece of canvas is the best feeling. When I finish a book it’s like I have another kid. I want it to do good. I want it to grow and I wouldn’t have been here is someone didn’t decide to pay it forward.


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