It all stems from focus

Focus is one of those things we think about when we are practicing our prayers, meditations or most important to this post, writing.

The other day at my day job I was reading a book on my Kindle with headphones playing music. This is something I do on a regular basis and never thought anything of it. There was a celebration going on at work that day and management hired a DJ. He was playing different types of music and I couldn’t focus on what I was reading, Steve Jobs’ biography.

One of the women I work with tried to read her book and couldn’t focus on what was in front of her. She looked at me with my headphones on, my nose buried in my Kindle and said, “I don’t know how Brian does it?” I merely replied, “I have great focus when I need to. My wife asks me the same thing.” Was my response.

Focus is not something we are very cognizant of, it comes and goes. But those of us with great focus can do amazing things. I never thought I was any different than anyone else when it came to focusing on something. I just put my mind into it and did it.

Writing is no different. When I put my mind into writing amazing things come out of my head. It all stems from focus.

I’m not sure if I’ve always had this ability or whether it came to me through my Buddhist practice. I know that when my mind is tired, my soul bored and my body tired meditation makes my head clearer and my writing more focused.

I’ve always had the ability to read while listening to music. It is something I could always just do, like drinking a glass of water upside down, my wife still doesn’t understand that one, but my daughter can do it too.

I had three migraines last week, I haven’t been able to write for the last week and half because of the headaches, but an hour long meditation session the other night helped a lot and I feel I am getting back on track.

I write to stabilize my life, it, like meditation gives me focus and makes me whole.


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