Finding that happy place

Our lives are hectic as humans, that is a given. We spend too much time worrying about things. Spend too much money on things that we really shouldn’t be buying in the first place. We are constantly looking for that one thing, that happy place.

It is the place where everything seems to fall in line and we feel comfortable in our skin. We know ourselves better, we understand ourselves better, regardless of what is going on around us.

These are the things that impede finding our happy place. 

1. Spending money on things we don’t need. Need is the big word here. I used to spend money on things that I wanted for a long time until I switch was thrown in my brain. I’m not sure if it was the birth of my daughter and the complications that followed of her birth. (She spent the first month in a NICU) I think it was that along with just getting smarter about things and knowing my financial as well as emotional limits.

2. Not accounting for oneself. This goes hand in hand with number 1. If you don’t account for your actions, well, who else is there to blame.

3. The entitlement crowd. This is the group of people–and it’s growing–that think they deserve everything for free because they do this or that for society. No is ever entitled to anything, EVER!

Your happy place may be hiding in that book you read last year, or gardening or even that extra time you spend with your kids on the weekend when you should have taken them back to their moms. But hey, you love your kids, and you don’t get to see them enough, so an extra hour won’t hurt your ex-wife.

My happy place came to me recently in the form of a new story. It was like a lighting bolt sent from Zeus. I have never written so much in so little time and it sound so good to someone else. I can’t talk about the story because, well, I just don’t do that anymore.

Your happy place is important for one reason, it makes you feel better about being who you are. Don’t ever let anyone take away who you are. Keep your happy place close to your heart, it may be one of those things I listed above, it may be something else that only you know about. But keep it with you because it makes you beautiful.


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2 Responses to Finding that happy place

  1. Joy says:

    You nailed it, Brian! Brilliant, I enjoyed your post today – immensely. Thank you so much.

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