A moment of kindness still in my memory

When I was five I remember being in Salt Lake City with my dad. My mom and sisters were doing something with some other women, which tends to happen in Utah..a lot.

The main thing I remember is, we were walking past the Greyhound station and there was a homeless person asking for change. My dad gave him a few dollars. It stuck in my mind all this time because of my father’s kindness.

Kindness and compassion are two things that are truly missing in our society. You see it on the news with the debates about whether people deserve healthcare or if the poor deserve the same rights as the rich.

Kindness is something every religion teaches, not just the Eastern Religions.

Watching things happen around the world at this time of year reminds me of what happened on that street with my dad and how lacking the world is in kindness. Sure we see it, but it doesn’t seem like we see it enough.

The recent economic collapse has caused people to lose their homes, jobs and livelihoods. As I said yesterday, “kids are left wondering why.” They don’t know why things are different they only know that they are. They don’t know why daddy doesn’t get up in the morning and go to work or why they live in church with a whole lot of other people. They only know what their parents tell them.

One act of kindness in this world goes a long way. I believe that as humans we are all entitled to the same things in life. That does not depend on what country we live in, the color of our skin, our genealogy, monetary situation or anything I may have missed.

Everyone is equal in my eyes. I am not perfect, not do I claim to be. I am human and in being human I have faults. I know my faults. I am working on them every day. No human is perfect, no one.

When you’re with your family this holiday season remember that someone doesn’t have a home to live in, a job, that can’t feed their kids or they may have lost a loved one. I play a game–it’s a writer’s game–what does that person do. Pick a person in a crowd and you have to guess what they do. Do it with a person that looks like they are down are their luck, because everyone deserves a happy ending….everyone.


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