I would love to be a stay at home dad, but…

Finding out last week that my son has ADD was a blow that no parent expects but it is something we were waiting for as I expressed in the post.

Now that we have found this out I have found myself wanting to do something again, something that I’ve wanted to do since my son started school. I want to be a stay at home dad.

I have always been a hands on dad, it is something that I learned early on taking care of my sisters kids. My oldest sister had her first kid when I was twelve and I babysat a few times while she went to work. She now has three kids. I’ve watched all of them. I grew up watching them.

I’ve been around little kids for a long time. I’ve always been good at getting them to take naps, something that amazes my wife. I am a hands on type of dad, I change diapers. I’ve gotten up with them when they have bad dreams. I’ve killed monsters in the closets, lots of them…you should see my trophy case.

I’ve read the blogs of dads who are stay at home dads I understand what it entails. I know what I’d be giving up to deal with my kids everyday, well at least most of the day.

Now comes the part where I say the reasons why I can’t do this thing I so very much want to do.

I have a job that has great medical insurance. I make good money bartending in Las Vegas, enough to put food on the table and pay the bills. My wife works and she is at salary level pay. But breaking it down she makes more than I do an hour. I just make tips, and have better healthcare. In America, healthcare is the determining factor in these matters.

I would love to quit my job, stay home, write, take care of my kids while my wife works. But I know that’s not going to happen while we live in Las Vegas.

I need to either move out of Las Vegas to a place more suitable for that, my wife needs a crazy raise or I need to sale a book and get an insane contract.

So, I guess that is why I write every day so, one day I can take the load off my wife and I can be the one that take care of them while she’s on conference calls. Or I can take them to doctor appointments instead of taking my lunch. Things that she does for them that maybe sometimes i take for granted and I guess I want her to take me for granted, even just a bit.


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